Cabinet Hardware

Looking for Cabinet Hardware in Chicago, Illinois?

Cabinets are vital entities in any kitchen worth its salt. However, in order for cabinets to perform optimally, and emit a charming aesthetic, they must be adorned with a bevy of cabinet hardware.

This hardware includes everything from knobs, to latches, to slides, to decorative materials, and more. Are you looking for cabinet hardware in the Chicagoland area? If so, Express Kitchen Cabinets is the place to go.

We supply and install cabinet hardware of all kinds, providing top-notch service at all times. It’s our goal to make your cabinets as functional, and as aesthetically-pleasing as possible.

Hardware of All Kinds

We sell cabinet hardware of all kinds—some of which is designed for functional purposes, and some of which is designed for aesthetic purposes. Some of the more commonly used cabinet hardware we sell are listed and described below.


The vast majority of kitchen cabinets are equipped with knobs, allowing users to simply pull on them in order to open these cabinets up. We offer knobs of all kinds, from plastic, to metal, to wood, and much more.


An alternative to knobs is pulls. Pulls are typically bar handles which span a decent distance, and which can be grasped with the fingers. Pulls come in ring form, cup form, recessed form, pendant form, and a variety of other forms.


You might have a desire to make your cabinets lockable. If so, you would be well-served by latches. A latch will secure your cabinet tightly, ensuring that it won’t swing open unpredictably. Available in all shapes and configurations, there’s sure to be a latch style that you’ll like.


If you’re having slide-out cabinets installed, slide hardware is an absolute necessity. This hardware is placed on the inside of the cabinetry, allowing drawers to pull out in a smooth and direct manner.


Hinges are an absolutely vital part of any cabinet. Without sufficient hinges, your cabinet doors will not open appropriately. We offer a variety of differently styled hinges, some of which are aluminum, some of which are cast iron, and others of which are made from a variety of other materials.

Decorative Materials

In addition to functional cabinet hardware, we also supply decorative cabinet hardware. This hardware includes everything from label holders, to backplates, keys, and more. To gain a better understanding of what we have in stock, you can visit our showroom.

Hardware Installation

Not only do we supply cabinet hardware, we install it for you as well. Whether you’re looking for hardware for new cabinets, or are looking to replace existing hardware, we can help. Our team of experienced specialists is more than glad to serve you.

Take a Gander at Our Showrooms

We offer cabinet hardware of all different types. In order to get an idea as to what styles of hardware we have, it’s a good idea to see them in person. If you’re interested in doing so, you can at one of our showrooms in Countryside, Chicago and Homer Glen.

Our spacious, beautiful showrooms are stocked with all of the equipment you could ever need. If you have any questions while you’re there, you can easily ask one of our on-site customer representatives.

Need Cabinet Hardware?

Looking to gussy up your existing cabinets? Maybe your handles or hinges are in need of replacement? In any case, if you need cabinet hardware and are located in the Chicagoland area, we here at Express Kitchen Cabinets are the people to see.

We’ve been serving the Chicago suburbs for years, providing nothing short of impeccable service along the way. It would be our honor to serve you.

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