Premier Cabinet Company in Chicago, Illinois

When designing a kitchen, cabinets are absolutely vital. Not only do they make up a great deal of the kitchen’s decor, they provide the vast majority of the kitchen’s storage. In essence, a kitchen without cabinets isn’t a kitchen at all.

Perhaps you’re building a home and are in need of brand new kitchen cabinets? Maybe you’re simply looking to replace your existing cabinets? If so, and if you live in the Chicago area, we here at Express Kitchen Cabinets have you covered.

With over 30 years of experience on our side, we know everything there is to know about cabinet installation. Supplying a wide variety of cabinets types, we are the premier cabinet company in Chicago, Illinois.

Cabinets at All Price Ranges

We understand that our different clients are working with different budgets. This is why we work with suppliers of all types; we want to ensure that we’ve got cabinetry which financially accommodates each and every one of our customers.

Whether you’re looking for high-end cabinetry, low-end cabinetry, or something in between, we’ll provide your kitchen with a dash of charm and functionality. It is our goal to do as much as possible with what we’re working with.

A Bevy of Materials Available

Cabinets come in a number of different materials, all of which we’re capable of supplying and installing for you. We’re experienced in the installation of all types of cabinetry materials, from wood, to laminate, to aluminum, and much more.

If you have questions about which type of material would work best for you, we have no problem answering those questions. It is our goal to ensure that you purchase and install the exact cabinetry that you desire.

Cabinet Installation Services

Installing cabinets is no simple feat. Unless you have a very firm grasp of how it’s done, you’re best served by hiring a professional cabinet installation service. Here in Chicago, we’re the service to hire.

Our team of experienced installers is well-versed in the installation of all types of cabinetry. We’ll install not only cabinets that we provide to you, but cabinets which you obtain elsewhere. Our goal is to help give you the kitchen you’re visualizing.

Cabinet Repair Services

In addition to cabinet installation services, we here at Express Kitchen Cabinets also offer cabinet repair services. Whether you need new hinges, new handles, cosmetic repair, or otherwise, we can accommodate you.

Our team will show up to your home, survey your cabinets, identify any problems which exist, and carry out necessary repairs.

Browse Our Showroom in Countryside

For most, it’s easier to visualize what a certain type of cabinetry can do for your kitchen by looking at it in person first. That’s why we have established a showroom which displays all of the cabinetry that we have to offer.

Located in Countryside, Illinois, our beautiful and spacious showroom allows our customers to truly understand what they’re buying. While at our showroom, you can ask our service representatives any number of questions. We would be more than happy to fully answer any inquiries you may have.


Take Advantage of a Top-notch Cabinet Company

Are you prepared to take the plunge? Are you ready to take advantage of a top-notch cabinet company in Chicagoland? If so, Express Kitchen Cabinets is ready to accommodate you.

Our team of installation specialists is beyond experienced in the installation process. We will provide not only highly professional work, but rapid work as well. We want to transform your kitchen as quickly as possible.

Contact us today to discuss your project!