Bathroom Vanity Services in Chicago, Illinois

Any bathroom you step into will be filled with a bevy of items and accessories, from toothbrushes, to soaps, to shampoos, to towels, and much, much more. In most bathrooms, in order to keep these many items and accessories organized, a cabinet-like entity known as a vanity is used.

Vanities typically fit under sinks, containing pipes and offering ample amounts of storage space for items of all kinds. In the vast majority of bathrooms, they are standard pieces of furniture.

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Types of Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom vanities come in all different styles and types. However, in general, there are three different styles of bathroom vanities. These include free-standing vanities, wall-mounted vanities, and vanity cabinets.


Free-standing bathroom vanities are vanities which stand by themselves under sinks. Typically possessing 4 legs, they appear as clothes dressers or other large storage compartments. Stocked with several drawers and doors, these types of vanities generally possess tons of storage space.

Wall Mounted

Wall-mounted vanities are vanities which attach directly to bathroom walls. In most cases, they are mounted so that space remains below them. Because they contain wall room below them, they allow for more storage space, accommodating trash cans and other small items.

Vanity Cabinet

In most cases, vanity cabinets are narrow vanities which take up minimal amounts of space. Much like free-standing vanities, they stand directly under sinks, providing support and storage space.

Bathroom Vanity Materials

Not only do bathroom vanities possess a number of different styles, they can be made with a number of different materials as well. Typically, bathroom vanities are made out of one of the following materials: particle board, plywood, and hardwood.

Particle Board

Particle board is an affordable material which can be covered in a number of exterior linings, giving it a great deal of variation in aesthetic. However, while it is affordable, it lacks some of the durability of high-end materials.


Another option is plywood. Like particle board, plywood can be covered with a variety of different exterior linings. These linings allow for a large variation of visual aesthetic. Where plywood differs from particle board is in its durability—it is much more resistant to water as well as general wear and tear.


Hardwood is viewed by many as the most prestigious of all bathroom vanity materials. Not only does it sport a classic and elegant aesthetic, it’s exceptionally durable as well. The drawback to using hardwood is that you’ll have to spend a decent amount of money. However, if you’ve got the money to spend, it’s worth its price.

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